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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Eliminate Yourself from Email Subscriptions that Overload You

All right, I admit it, despite the hours spent on them, my initial posts are just too damn long for the average person to digest. I didn't get that feedback, and considering my readership is somewhere between 0 and 5 people, I shouldn't worry. And I'm not. But what I will do here, for this blog, is practice what I preach. I want to help you get organized, and live a more minimalist lifestyle. And, life being what it is, I will try to do that quickly every day from now on. These aren't going to be sent to you in any kind of order, so don't see some hidden genius on my part. I'm simply throwing out suggestions to you from now on that work to simply, minimize & organize your life a little better, one day at a time. That's all anyone can ask for.

Email is terrific- getting excessive email can be the bane of one's existence. My tip? No matter how tempting, DON'T purposely sign up for emails from retailers. I'm a woman- I get it. What about those special sale offers that one only hears about if they're an email subscriber to a particular store??? If you're not in any kind of debt, have money to freely spend every time you want to, and you're happy with your shopping life (and email life), by all means, ignore this suggestion. But if you're in debt (especially with credit cards, and this includes store cards), carefully consider what stores you really need to buy things from, how many offers you get from that which take significant savings on items that you or your family NEED, and whether or not your self-control is high. Only you know the truth. If these ads are simply causing you to spend money you don't have, on items you don't really need...well, remember that organizing & minimalism is the goal here. Remember, businesses are there to make you feel that you must update your wardrobe, beauty routine, home & just about all aspects of your life every single season & holiday. Once you realize that you do not need to update anything unless it's worn-out, no longer fits or is in some other way no longer servicable, you regain power. I encourage you to remember that happiness will not come from whatever new item or service is being peddled to you. Buy only what you need, when you need it. And eliminate any temptations in your path as often as you can, enemies on the path of minimalizing, simplifying & organizing out lifes for good.  

Many times, we can easily eliminate ourselves from ad services that don't even interest us by following an "unsubscribe" link down near the bottom of the email. If it's from a company you never buy from, a political outlet you have no interest in, or you got on the list by mistake, just take yourself off. Remember a phrase I learned from FlyLady - "Do it now." It'll take approximately ten seconds to unsubscribe from the list. Even if a mini-survey appears, if it lightens the email load, it's worth dealing with. Eliminate what causes you no emotional strain to get rid of first. It is a work in progress to get rid of a lifetime's worth of conditioning that we need to get bigger and/or better in every element of existence. The work never ends, and it's often one step up, two steps back. Take a step every day toward the better way, and celebrate that step, too. 

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