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Friday, June 8, 2012

A Detailed Morning Routine Example, from My Life to Yours

Sometimes, people need to actually add a little bit of complexity to their routines, in order to both remind themselves of what needs to be done daily in their own particular lives, and also to achieve more personalized goals. This was the case for me. I give full credit for the Morning Routine idea to the FlyLady- I'm simply sharing with you what my own routine has evolved into. Hers is a short & simple routine, and if that's all you need and/or have time for, it's no big deal- you'll still be making your home a haven each day. This brief but important list is always included in her daily digest email, which I signed up for long ago, and have never regretted making habits out of. Her list of things to do each morning & night will definitely help keep your home humming along. I just wanted to share with you my own daily morning to-do's, since it's more individualized. I hope that it won't overwhelm you, but maybe just help you better design a customized routine of your own. My memory is definitely not what it once was- if it's not written down and/or done immediately, I could very easily completely forget what it was I set out to do that day! Being on the computer, playing video games, watching TV, talking on the telephone, reading a book- all of these have a way of swallowing up giant amounts of time if you don't plan in advance what you need to get down & write it down somewhere. It also helps to have a timer with you all times- whether it's online, on your kitchen stove or an actual standalone one. FlyLady sells one, and I own it- it's a good item. It's not very expensive, counts down a maximum of 99 minutes + 99 seconds, is digital, just uses one AA battery & can be put on vibrate or on a ringer setting. The battery in the timer lasts a good while (I use it almost daily, and it was at least four months before I had to change it); you'll know it needs to be changed when you set the timer but the vibrating or ringing doesn't occur at the end of that time period like it's supposed to. I use my kitchen oven timer for letting me know when I need to check if water's boiling in a pot or when dinner needs to be removed from the stove. Not everyone is like this, but I find it very easy to let a fifteen-minute reading session turn into an hour or more without even looking at the clock. Many of the activities in my morning routine that I have now became automatic.

It took me a few years to get used to following a morning routine without rebellion. I really thought (at least subconsciously) that sticking to routines would hamper my creativity, steal time away from things that I wanted to do & force me into being something of a slave to my house. I couldn't have been more wrong. It's still a little weird for me to finish all of my chores by late morning, then face a whole day ahead without the burden of a messy house hanging over my head. I hasten to add that I no longer work outside the home full-time; when I did work outside the home, my morning routine looked different, and certain things were switched over to be done later in the day. What I've written here is applicable to days when I'll be home all day. However, I do work from home as a writer, so I still have to be disciplined with my time. Having & following this routine freed me (mentally & physically) to do the things in my life I'd been putting off due to my guilt over the house "being a mess". This schedule can be amended at any time. Don't think for a second that I'm not continually tweaking this list of things to do, because I am. My life is ever-evolving, as is the case with nearly every modern person. That's another reason why I prefer to refer to an electronic list & not a printed paper one. A paper list is fine, and some people prefer that. I know people who like to keep the list on the fridge, others on the bathroom mirror, while some others keep theirs in a three-ring binder. You can always put a sheet protector over the printed-off page & check off your items with a dry erase marker, too- do whatever works for you! Just try to follow the same method day in & day out, so that your brain can adjust & make the tasks easier & easier with time.

My Morning Routine
My Bedroom & Bathroom- Wake up, make my bed & spritz it w/ Febreze Fabric Refresher_ Straighten up my bedroom nightstand, putting away my earplugs_ Feather-dust my bedroom's hard surfaces_ Brush my teeth & use mouthwash_ Wash & moisturize my face_ Put in my contact lenses_ Swish-and-swipe in my bathroom: wipe down the mirror, sink, toilet tank lid, the outer edge of the bathtub & the floor around the toilet with Antibacterial Windex & a Caldrea white cloth; spray Lysol Disinfectant on the faucet, doorknob, light switch & toilet handle; using a toilet brush, swish the toilet using a capful or so of Lysol All-Purpose cleaner for the job; straighten up and/or change the towels on the racks_ Apply body powder & spray perfume, get dressed, apply Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream to my feet, then put on my socks & lace-up shoes_ Put on my cell phone clip w/ the phone in it, after turning the phone to "Vibrate" setting_ Lay out tomorrow’s outfit, including shoes & jewelry_ Apply my makeup_ Style my hair_ Use Bounce lint roller on my clothes, if needed_

Laundry room, Part 1- As I leave my bedroom, grab a load of laundry & start the washer after pre-treating any stains on the items_ Put the empty laundry basket back in my bedroom_

Kitchen, Part 1- Unload/load/run the dishwasher, as needed_ Get a cup of coffee with cream & raw sugar & a bowl of oatmeal w/ 1 TBSP. ground flaxseed, a couple of tsp. of raw sugar, 1/2 c. blueberries & a big sprinkle of ground cinnamon_

Home office, Part 1- Eat breakfast & drink coffee_ Clear my cell phone call log & voicemail, then charge it_ Charge my iPod, if needed_ Clean out one file folder or drawer in my desk_ Balance my checkbook_ Pay any bills_ Scoop out the litter box & then use hand sanitizer_ Take my dirty breakfast dishes to the kitchen & put them in the dishwasher_ While I'm in the kitchen: Grab my water bottle from the fridge_

Living/Dining room- Brush down the upholstery_ Replace any paper towels that are needed on the coasters_ Sort, straighten up & toss items, papers, catalogs & magazines on tables, as needed_ Brush Tess (my cat) when she comes out for cuddling at some point_

My mother's spaces (I do this because she is disabled)- Make her bed_ Swish-and-swipe in her bathroom_

Throughout the whole house- Open up the mini-blinds_ Clean up any carpet stains_ Quickly dust hard surfaces w/ the feather-duster_ Spritz Febreze Fabric Refresher on upholstered pieces_ Spritz one spray of Febreze Air Freshener in every room of the house_ Take out any trash_

Laundry room, Part 2- Put laundry through another rinse cycle, if needed_ Put items in the dryer, when needed_ Put clean laundry away, when needed_

Here's to being a happy organized minimalist,


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