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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Repeat After Me, "I Am an Organized Person"

Until you change your beliefs about yourself, you're going to continue to not only fall back into your old routines, but you will not be able to feel good about yourself all of the time. You can be the person that you want to be. Nobody can take that gift away from you. It's the best part of having free will, that we can elect to see ourselves in a brighter, better light at all times & in all places. Now, if you're surrounded by people, including yourself, who bring you down so much that you cannot imagine getting through a day without giving in to bad habits, crying in sadness, yelling your head off, getting screamed at or feeling self-hatred, you need to make some serious changes. I firmly think from hard-won experience, though, that how we perceive ourselves is what will make the greatest influence on how the world sees us, too.

When you start envisioning yourself in an utterly different way- knowing that you look & feel terrific, performing tasks with excitement & hope, knowing that everything will work out for the best, being an inspiration to those you meet along the way- you will start to notice a difference in your existence. The person that you eventually become follows a simple set of thoughts in your mind. As an adult, no matter what you might have been brought up to believe that you should be, you get the opportunity with each new day to start being who you'd like to be. Even if others say that you can't do something, you don't have to live by their mind's limitations. If your home is in chaos, and you persistently think & say just that, begin to look at it in a whole new way. The words that you use to describe things are the way that you believe them to be. Say a different dialogue to yourself, starting today: "My house is changing for the better each & every day. I know a lot more than I used to know about everything. I'm an organized person who is learning how to simplify, de-clutter & live in a lightweight way more & more all the time. I am more than capable of accomplishing anything that I need & want to. I care enough to make sure my home looks nice. Charity begins at home, and in the home. My house is a warm, inviting place for myself & others to live in. People come here & feel that this is a tidy, well-taken-care-of abode. They see me, and they realize that I'm someone who takes care of myself well. When I see that my own needs are met, I'll always be able to meet the needs of others."

If you need to de-clutter in your home, see yourself spending fifteen successful minutes a day doing just that. Put a picture of it in your own mind, and keep that picture of how you want to live at the forefront of your brain. If you think out how you want to react to situations in advance, I guarantee you that your attitude will change & your achievements will grow by leaps & bounds. Start seeing yourself taking out the trash to the bin outside immediately, every time the bag is full, for example- and you'll start doing just that. That beginning vision is often the missing step between something that you feel you want to do, but just keep missing the boat in actually getting done. You're not in a race- Rome wasn't built in a day, and new beliefs formed about yourself won't all fall into place overnight either. But over the coming weeks, months & years, you'll become the version of yourself you've longed to be. Adapt the following list to your own goals, lifestyle & vision of who you want to become. See yourself doing the following things in your mind's eye, in a calm yet focused manner:
*Waking up on time, feeling energetic & ready for the day ahead. People know you to be stable, reliable, healthy, fit, positive, organized & polished. When you say you'll be up & starting your day at a certain time, they know you mean it.
*Possessing a high level of strength, flexibility, endurance, coordination & balance.
*Immediately making your bed upon awakening.
* Looking in the mirror first thing in the morning & seeing clear skin, healthy white teeth, glossy hair & a fit body, from living a lifestyle that gives you all of this. Loving yourself enough to know that you look great just as you are naturally.
*Washing your face, brushing your teeth, putting on favorite body care products (deodorant, body cream, spritzing on a beloved perfume, etc.), brushing/styling your hair & putting on some makeup each & every morning.
*Swishing-and-swiping your own bathroom before you leave that room.
*Getting dressed every morning after making the bed, getting groomed, & swishing-and-swiping your bathroom. See yourself putting foot cream on your feet before putting on your socks, then putting on your lace-up shoes, feeling prepared to take on the world.
*Spending a few minutes meditating, praying, enjoying nature or visualizing how you want the day ahead to look.
*Putting on a pair of pretty earrings, a favorite necklace or beautiful scarf to set your look apart & feel your best.
*Once you're dressed for today, laying out tomorrow's outfit.
*Having a closet & dresser drawers with a good amount of well-fitting, attractive, comfortable clothing & shoes that are excellent for your lifestyle in them.
*Looking nice in your clothing, accessories, shoes, makeup & clean, styled hair.
*Grabbing a load of laundry on your way out of the bathroom and/or bedroom, and immediately starting the washing machine.
*Going to your clean kitchen, checking your calendar & control journal for today's scheduled activities.
*Next, emptying your dishwasher, followed by making a healthy breakfast for yourself.
*Eating a healthy breakfast, taking any morning medications or supplements, and then putting your dirty dishes in the emptied dishwasher.
*Quickly washing any pots or pans that are dirty, then wiping down the kitchen counter and/or stovetop, from breakfast.
*Having a clean-outed, well-organized handbag that works great with your style & life.
*Getting your ice water bottle from the fridge (which was set up the night before).
*Going for a fifteen-minute walk to bless your heart.
*Smiling, laughing & going through your day having fun, feeling peace & living confidently.
*Rebooting your laundry, putting it through another rinse cycle, in the dryer, and put away, as needed.
*Going through your home room-by-room, equalizing each room by clearing clutter off of surfaces, spritzing some fabric spray on upholstered furniture, fluffing up throw pillows, cleaning up any stains made on the floor (if you have kids or pets, you know what I mean :D), maybe give it a quick sweep or mopping, and spraying a little room freshener to make the place welcoming.
*Performing any detailed cleaning for the day, spending fifteen minutes de-cluttering or working in one zone to get it sparkling.
*Taking a break to savor your clean home, viewing the things that you love in good condition & feeling big sense of accomplishment.
*Refilling your water bottle a few times throughout the day with ice water or unsweetened iced tea.
*Filling up your emptied-out dishwasher as the day goes by, whenever a dirty dish comes into the kitchen.
*Picking up after yourself all the time- when you get something out, you always put it back.
*Eating a small, healthy a.m. snack.
*Taking time to play with your pet, feeding them & giving them fresh water, cleaning out the litter box, walking your dog, cleaning out the birdcage- whatever's applicable to you.
*Checking your email, completing online shopping, balancing your checkbook, responding to paper mail, paying bills on-time & in full, de-cluttering one file folder or desk drawer a day, charging your cell phone or performing any other desk tasks.
*Doing desk stretches in between your various computer-related tasks to give your body much-needed oxygen & movement.
*Eating a healthy lunch.
*Going outside for a quick walk & a few deep breaths at lunchtime, to help your digestion & circulation.
*Performing any work-related tasks with ease & energy.
*Adding any items to your calendar as they arise, knowing exactly where you're supposed to be, consistently showing up on-time for appointments & getting projects finished before they're due.
*Eating a healthy afternoon snack, still drinking plenty of fluids.
*Calling or emailing a friend or family member to see how they're doing.
*Taking out any trash bags that are full, opening up any packages that arrived & getting your mail.
*Dealing with your mail immediately, tossing the junk, paying bills, ordering any needed items & responding to all correspondence expecting a reply.
*Putting anything into your handbag that's needed before you go out- tickets, bus pass, keys, wallet, filled-out forms, your grocery list, et al.
*Easily & efficiently getting errands done, with full concentration- going to the grocery store, bank, etc.
*Eating a healthy dinner, savoring it with your family while discussing everyone's day.
*Quickly cleaning up after your dinner each evening, filling up & running your dishwasher, washing any dirty pots or pans, wiping down the kitchen countertops, removing any stains or crumbs from the stovetop, setting up your coffeemaker for the morning, preparing your water bottle for the next day, packing a lunch for tomorrow (if needed), shining your sink & putting out a fresh dishtowel & kitchen hand towel.
* Instead of spending hours in front of the TV or Internet with no breaks or any physical movement, exercising with your favorite workout DVD at home, or going to the gym.
*Having a relaxing shower or bath after working out.
*Drying your body & hair, then slipping into comfortable, stylish sleepwear.
*Checking your calendar for a refresher on what will be happening tomorrow.
*Reading for fifteen minutes before bed, drinking a cup of bedtime tea.
*Right before going to bed for the night, slathering on hand cream & cuticle balm.
*Settling into sheets at night that are changed weekly, and feel great next to your skin.
*Sleeping peacefully for at least six hours, in a quiet sanctuary of a bedroom.


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