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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Task #3- Set Up Space for Your Emergency Preparedness Supplies

Today I would like you to either buy or make containers for your emergency preparedness supplies, setting aside a drawer, shelf or a closet (whatever works for your home/car/lifestyle) as needed.  A small caddy, trunk organizer, plastic bin with a lid or even just a small cardboard box will work fine for the car.  A big cardboard box, a shelf in the linen closet, some pantry space, a big caddy, a tool box or gardening tool organizer- all of these work great for the house.  For the home, I would consider using a waterproof and bug-proof container that is made of thick plastic or a similar material, at least for storing larger amounts of food.  Be creative.  A child's sand pail, a gallon-size food storage bag or an old bucket that's been cleaned out can work well for storing supplies, too.  It doesn't need to cost much or be perfect- just get started today by setting aside some room and a container for your items!  Put a label on the container, especially for the house, so that you and others will know right off the bat what it's for.  Don't mix other stuff in that container or on that shelf.  De-clutter what you need to in order to make space for these items.  Also consider making some space for additional flashlights and/or candles around the house today, too.  I have a flashlight in each bedroom (they're in nightstand drawers), the living room, the dining room, in my office desk drawer and in the family car.  I even have a mini-flashlight on my key chain.  I have a votive candle or oil candle in every room, just in case.  Emergency oil candles are great, by the way.  They burn longer and with less soot than wax candles without taking up any additional room.

Here's to being a prepared organized minimalist,

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