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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Task # 4- Buy and/or Store Emergency Water (and Water Treatment)

Our next task is to buy or gather together some water for your emergency supplies.  You may want to buy all that you'll need for seventy-hours worth of emergency water now, or you may decide to space it out.  Remember the basic formula for determining how much drinking water to set aside- 3 gallons of water per person for a 72-hour emergency.  If you don't want to buy water, go ahead and put some aside in containers from your tap.  Here is a great article on storing water long-term:

Set aside a gallon of water to place in your vehicle, too.  Some preppers prefer to have some emergency water in packets, as well.  These are good for camping, storing in the car and for backpacks, as well.

Some people use a WaterBob to store emergency water.  As always, I suggest doing whatever works for you and your household.  There will always be new emergency preparedness supplies suggested for purchase- remember not to get carried away and just stick with the basics.  Keep in mind to prepare for a 72-hour emergency for all members of your immediate family at home and in the car first and foremost.  Then and only then should you worry about prepping a bug-out bag (if you wish to do that at all) or for longer-term emergencies.

Also consider buying a water filter and/or water treatment tablets to use in the event of your tap water becoming unusable as it comes out.  Years ago, something happened in the town where my aunt lived with the water supply.  I don't remember what the situation was that caused it, but their water was nasty and undrinkable for several days.  The problem got fixed, but in the meantime they had to buy bottled water for everything- not just drinking water, but for bathing, cooking and housework, too.  I'm not saying that you have to buy water treatment supplies, but they can be a help.  If you are interested, here are some recommended supplies for that job:

Here's to being a prepared organized minimalist,

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