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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Emergency Preparedness Task #6- Stock Up On Over-the-Counter Medicines and First-Aid Supplies

First aid supplies are essential for anyone and in any household.  After gathering water and food, making sure that you have these supplies on hand should be your next goal.  This is my favorite soft-pack first-aid kit.  I've bought it for family members, too, and they've all loved the kit.  They're so inexpensive that I recommend stocking up on one for both your home and then a separate one for your car.  I've purchased them for extended family members and they have all loved this kit, too.

If you already have plenty of OTC medicines in the house, then there's no real need to buy more unless you want to.  But if you tend to be someone who is unprepared for emergencies, then following this step in our prepping plan is crucial.  In a real emergency, running out to the corner store may simply not be an option.  Just like water and food, stock up on these items a little at a time if you're on a tight budget and starting from scratch on this.  Aspirin, ibuprofen (or something kind of similar, like naproxen sodium), stomach medicines like Pepto-Bismol, these are all essentials to have on hand in the event of an emergency.  However, be aware that purchasing a starter first-aid kit usually gives you more bang for the buck with alcohol wipes, bandages and some small portions of OTC meds than buying each of the items piecemeal.

Don't forget to have a couple of Ace bandages, preferably in different sizes, and some high-quality adhesive bandages on hand, too.  I have a four-inch-wide Ace bandage, which is good for smaller sprains like of the ankle, and a larger six-inch-wide band for things like supporting sore or twisted knees.  My favorite brand of adhesive bandages is the Nexcare waterproof line.  They stay on really well, are truly waterproof if they're sealed on correctly and protect cuts and scrapes so well from infection.  Some preppers go all out and get dental kits, surgical supplies and battle dressing- but this is wayyyyyy beyond the scope of a 72-hour emergency kit!  I'm not going to tell you how to prepare for Armageddon in this blog. :) I'm simply asking you to be ready to sit through three days of a power outage or more "normal" emergency where you can still be at home, someone else's home or in your car. 

Some other toiletries are also important to have just in case.  Have plenty of sanitizing hand gel or spray, soap (for yourself and also for dish washing/household cleaning), deodorant, etc., in the house already.  For women and girls who are menstruating, stock up on some extra feminine supplies.  If stores are closed or low on stock because of a local (or national) emergency, you'll want to have a box or two of your favorite products in reserve.  Please don't be caught unprepared because stores are closed or inaccessible for a few days.  Plan in advance for your purchases so that you're not running out of items in the event a disaster strikes. 

Here's to being a prepared organized minimalist,

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