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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Use Clear, Non-Breakable Organizers to Solve Long-Term Storage Problems

It may sound like an "obvious" skill to some, but it simply isn't. "Containerizing" isn't an inherantly-given gift everyone's brain possesses, mine included. I used to get overwhelmed because I couldn't decide on a decor, and I was even more hesitant to buy organizers if I hadn't yet decorated a room (after all, it's expensive to redecorate every item in a room). It's not necessarily laziness driving procrastination- sometimes it is fear that we'll spend money on the wrong product, so we buy nothing at all. Like FlyLady says, perfectionism is at work there, but I think it's a little more complex than that even. Some of us were given real guilt trips about money as kids, or buying things that were "frivolous". Or we got that attitude from a significant other. It can really hold us back later in life, when we try to wisely use our funds to simplify & organize our homes. I'm here to try & alleviate some, maybe all, of that guilt & procrastination. Using only clear acrylic, polycarbonate, plastic or glass containers can simplify one's storage life drastically. They are guaranteed to go with every decor, you can usually see through to know how much of a product is left, are usually inexpensive to invest in (at least when you compare it to porcelain, granite or marble), they with every metal color builders use, are hard to break unless they're made of very thin glass, and help maintain continuity in storage design through every room. Rubbermaid & other good brands make clear storage containers for all kinds of uses (like storing items under the bed, holiday items & out-of-season clothing), clear storage bags that are either zippered or can be vacuum-sealed abound, clear closet organizers are available in abundance, thousands of clear bathroom & kitchen supplies exist, and so it's easy to mix-and-match these in between rooms. Clear organizers make it easy for guests to see where you keep the extra Q-tips, cotton balls, etc., in the bathroom, making them feel a little more at home. Your main focus is treating those that already reside in your home full-time well, but being thoughtful of company is great, too. :)

I'm going to make it a little easier on you & list what I've used myself to solve problems with certain solutions, so you know what fits what. We're all busy, and if I can shave a little time off your hunt to find organizing products that work & still look good, my work is done!

Bathroom cleaning sponge or scrubber:

Bar soap:

Daily Toiletries (deodorant, perfume, body lotion, etc.)

Cotton balls & Q-Tips together:
Q-Tips alone:

Round Swisspers (or CVS) cotton pads for removing makeup, nail polish, applying toner, etc.:

Dental floss picks:


Curling irons/hairdryer:

Makeup (for the serious makeup junkie like me):

Or for the more minimalist makeup applier:

Makeup brushes alone:

Tumbler for toothpaste tube & toothbrushes:

Contact lenses, multi-purpose solution, rewetting drops, eyeglass cleaner & an eyeglasses cleaning cloth:

Liquid soap or lotion dispenser:
Dead space over a faucet (nice for a man, to hold a razor & a styptic pencil):

Bathroom cleaning supplies, for which I prefer using storage with a handle (especially when stored under the sink):

Manicure & pedicure:

Magazine holder:

Items by the sink (like liquid soap, nail brush, etc.):



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