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Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Favorite Healthy Oatmeal Recipe- Apple Flaxseed Spice

Okay, so this really isn't a blog entry about simplicity or organizing, at least not explicitly. But if you are into "clean eating", which is a diet many bodybuilders & fitness buffs follow, you may like this recipe a lot. I am not an oatmeal person. Before I created this recipe, I practically had to force it down, so I'd end up not eating oatmeal at all. But as a person who does aerobics & weight-training, I need this kind of healthy fuel to keep me going. It is pretty cheap to buy, quick to make, filling, healthy, satisfies my sweet tooth & keeps me...regular. Flaxseed is full of the Omega-3 that is hard to get out of a normal Western diet. It doesn't do much when it's cooked for your health, but sprinkling it on cooked oatmeal afterwards will give you the benefits without destroying the positive Omega-3 properties. Flaxseed compliments oatmeal well. I keep my ground flaxseed in the fridge, with a 1 TBSP. measuring spoon in the bag. This way, it's easy as pie to put recipes together. So if you consider keeping fit & "regular" a simplifier in life, then you'll understand why I post this recipe from me to you. :D Every food ingredient listed can be bought at Every spice can be purchased at

Note: A kind soul online advised that the oats should be soaked for maximum nutritional value. You could always make this a part of your nighttime routine, if you eat oatmeal daily- put your oats in the cereal bowl to soak overnight, so they'll be all ready to eat in the a.m. Here's an article on the topic, so you can understand what I'm talking about:

The book mentioned in the article, called Nourishing Traditions, is a well-recommended book in nutrition & fitness circles. I've read the book Firm for Life, by the late Anna Benson & her sister, Cynthia Benson. They recommended reading Nourishing Traditions, and Anna was the creator of the hugely successful exercise program called "The FIRM". I've not read Nourishing Traditions, but it's on my list of reading to-do's! Anyway,  I hope you like the oatmeal!

Liz' Apple Flaxseed Spice Oatmeal

A packet of Kashi Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal OR 1/2 c. Quaker Oats
1/2 c. Bob's Red Mill Dried Diced Apples (I keep these stored in a Lock n' Lock container in the fridge, once they're open. I also mix Penzey's Ceylon Cinnamon into them when I put them in the container, because extra cinnamon is good for you & makes the apples taste ever better! I put a 1/2 c. measuring spoon in the container, as well, to make it super-easy to portion it out for oatmeal.)
Penzey's Ceylon Cinnamon or any other sweet spice blend, like Pumpkin Pie Spice (this recipe is a great way to use those mixed spices up), as much as you like sprinkling in
1 c. water
If you like it sweeter- add 1 to 2 tsp. raw unbleached sugar or Sucanat (which is my favorite), stevia, raw dark-colored honey, coconut nectar or organic raw blue agave
1 TBSP. Bob's Red Mill Whole Ground Flaxseed Meal Organic
Splash of milk- can be cow's milk (I prefer 2%), almond, soy, coconut or rice milk. Choose whatever milk that you like best. :)
A good-sized cereal bowl

In a cereal bowl, mix all ingredients except the ground flaxseed & the milk together. No need to stir, at least not yet. Put the bowl in the microwave for approximately two minutes. Keep an eye on it just to make sure it doesn't boil over. You may want to stir it once while it's cooking, just to make sure the apples get cooked (they rehydrate extremely fast). When it's done cooking, put the ground flaxseed in & stir well. (I promise you won't even taste it.) Add the splash of milk to make the oatmeal thin enough to your liking. I like my oatmeal thick, so I only add a small amount.

Here's to being a well-fed organized minimalist,


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