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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

How to Make a Household Notebook Up Virtually for Free

Making up a household notebook is very much along the same lines as what FlyLady describes in the creation of a Control Journal. Now, in a control journal, there are some basic writing utensils & similar supplies that you'll want to add, but the household notebook aspect is comprised of the paper forms that we all want to have on hand. The fun part about the following website is that they've created entirely-free (and safe to download) forms that can be printed off, already filled out for you. So besides the cost of a binder & paper, there's no expense on your part. These pages work as well as any day planner I've ever seen, and there's lots of space to write in, too (important if you have big handwriting like I do). They also discuss the ABC's of why & how to begin creating a household notebook altogether. I can think of no better gift to yourself or to your family than to create such a notebook. There is even a cover for your household notebook (if you use a binder with a top-loading clear pocket on the front), a sheet for the spine of your binder, and other cute-but-simple binder art additions that can be printed off, too.

The printable pages- which range from dietary trackers to daily to-do lists to travel checklists, are all available easily from the link below:

This next link provides some really awesome pages which are downloadable & printable in both .doc format (Word) & in PDF. Traditional to-do lists, daily planner pages, a weekly cleaning list, student to-do pages & more are available here:

There's only a few papers that I would suggest adding to your household notebook, which I discussed in my previous blog about what I keep in my own control journal (so I won't repeat it here). The website I gave here is awesome to just go through & browse periodically for great ideas from organizing minds.

Here's to being a happy organized minimalist,


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